2017 Washington Women in Journalism Awards

Washingtonian and Story Partners are excited to announce the 2017 Washington Women in Journalism Awards, which will be presented at the Salute to Women in Journalism on Thursday, April 27 at a reception hosted by Gloria Story Dittus and Cathy Merrill Williams.

The awards recognize excellence in reporting and honors women journalists in Washington, D.C.

2017 Washington Women in Journalism Award honorees

Cokie Roberts, Distinguished Female Journalist of the Year Cokie Roberts began as one of the “pioneer mothers” of National Public Radio as a congressional correspondent and still serves as a commentator on Morning Edition. From 1996 to 2002, she co-anchored the ABC weekly interview program This Week and currently is a political commentator for ABC News. She writes a syndicated newspaper column with her husband, Steve V. Roberts, and has become a best-selling author, focusing on the role of women in or nation’s history. Roberts has been inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, and American Women in Radio and Television named her one of the fifty greatest women in the history of broadcasting. The Library of Congress named her as a “Living Legend.”

Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, Outstanding Journalist in Print As a staff writer for the New Yorker since 1995, Jane Mayer has written in-depth stories about the war on terror, the election process, and the increasing power of special interest groups on our national politics.

Mary Louise Kelly, NPR News, Outstanding Journalism in Broadcasting Mary Louise Kelly launched the intelligence beat for National Public Radio in 2004. She has written two spy novels and taught the first course on national security and journalism at Georgetown University.

Mary Katharine Ham, CNN, Rising Star Mary Katharine Ham recently moved from Fox News to CNN as a conservative commentator. She is a senior writer for the Federalist, and co-author of “End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters and Makes America Less Free (and Fun).”


The honorees were selected by Washingtonian and an advisory committee made up of public affairs and government relations professionals and congressional press secretaries selected based on their proximity to Washington news and their ability to be fair, accurate, and objective in their assessment of the slate of nominees.

Each nominee was judged based on the originality and relevance of her work, balanced and fair reporting, potential impact, and quality of reporting. The Distinguished Female Journalist of the Year recognizes the overall career contributions to the news industry; judging based on the full body of her work, impact in the field of journalism, and journalistic leadership.

2017 Advisory Committee       

Gloria Story Dittus, Story Partners; Cathy Merrill Williams, Washingtonian; Jane Adams, Johnson & Johnson; Suzanne Clark, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Mary Kathryn Steel, AbbVie; Mariel Saez, Office of Steny Hoyer; AshLee Strong, Office of Paul Ryan; Jeanne Wolak, Southern Company.

Past Salute to Women in Journalism Honorees

2016 Washington Women in Journalism Awards, Presented with CQ Roll Call 

  • Susan Page, USA Today, Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dana Bash, CNN, Outstanding Journalist in Broadcast
  • Kathryn Lopez, National Review, Outstanding Journalist in Periodicals
  • Carolyn Ryan, New York Times, Outstanding Newspaper/Wire Journalist

2015 Salute to Women in Journalism, Presented with CQ Roll Call 

  • Ann Compton – CQ Roll Call Anniversary Year Award to an Outstanding Female Journalist
  • Christina Bellantoni, Roll Call
  • Nia-Malika Henderson, CNN
  • Tamara Keith, NPR
  • Kate Nocera, Buzzfeed
  • Nedra Pickler, Associated Press

2014 Salute to Women in Journalism 

  • Betsy Fisher Martin, NBC
  • Cathy Merrill Williams, Washingtonian
  • Dana Bash, CNN
  • Jan Crawford, CBS News
  • Julia Ioffe, The New Republic