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A Solution to Address the Climate Crisis & Create Jobs

Communities across the country are regularly feeling the impacts of the climate crisis, from wildfires, to extreme heat, to drought, flooding, and high-intensity hurricanes. In fact, 1 in 3 people living in the U.S. experienced climate-fueled weather disasters this summer. Simultaneously, far too many people have not recovered from this pandemic, leaving families across the […]

America’s Farmers, Partners in Sustainability

As a third-generation farmer, I am committed to leaving my family’s land better than we found it. My sustainability story is not unusual, either. Today, America’s farmers and ranchers lead the world in climate-smart practices as we dedicate ourselves to reducing our footprint and responsibly producing the food, fiber, and renewable fuel our neighbors at […]

Carbon Fee with Cash Back Needed to Meet U.S. Emissions Goal

With the urgency to address climate change becoming clearer with each extreme weather disaster, President Biden earlier this year announced the U.S. would do its part by committing our nation to slash carbon pollution 50% below 2005 levels by the end of this decade. To facilitate those emissions reductions, the Biden Administration proposed — and […]

A Clear, Bipartisan Path for Climate Change

When you hear that climate change is real, and industrial activity around the globe is the dominant contributor, you may assume the messenger is a Democrat or environmental organization. But, today, it’s also coming from leaders in the Republican party and most oil and gas companies. Climate change is not partisan, and the challenge it […]