Women in Journalism…

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was the featured honoree at the 6th Annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards at Anderson House in Washington, DC on April 25, co-hosted by Gloria Dittus, Chairman Story Partners and Washingtonian President and CEO Cathy Merrill Williams. The Thursday night event kicks off The White House Correspondents’ Association dinner weekend festivities. Read more

Women Lead

The 116th Congress is setting records. I’m fortunate enough to serve with 109 other women for the next two years and with two female Senators from my home state of Arizona – both historic records. Read more

Here to Get the Job Done

As secretary for Health and Human Services, I learned that Americans ultimately want to know that their government is working for them and in their best interest. Read more

An Approach We Want to See in Congress

Many Americans feel they are outsiders to the political process and voiceless in a government brilliantly designed to be of, by and for the people. I want to see this new Congress change that. Read more

The New Women of Congress

A historic number of women were sworn in to the 116th Congress this month. Of the record 127 women serving in Congress – 106 Democrats and 21 Republicans – there are many historic firsts among this diverse group of women, including a record number of women from different backgrounds, ideologies, religions and races. Read more