Supporting our Military, Veterans and National Security Professionals

My military journey started when I was born into it as the daughter and granddaughter of career naval officers. Read more

Priorities this Year

In Congress, my focus will be on carrying the voices of and providing excellent service to my constituents, building an economy that delivers for working- and middle-class families, reining in prescription drug costs and ensuring that health care is regarded as a right rather than a privilege, and shaping a more just, equal future for all our daughters and sons. Read more

Determined to be a Catalyst for Systemic Change

I was fortunate to have been elected to the 116th Congress as part of a historically diverse freshman class. We are the first class ever to take our oath of office during a government shutdown. Read more

The Importance of Prioritizing Women’s Issues

I was one of 21 women in the House (97th Congress) – so few confronting so many critical women’s priorities. As women have reached critical mass, it is vital to build relationships, support each other and promote issues essential to women’s equality.

You’ll inevitably be involved in global crises – as women, you must make sure women’s issues are not neglected because no one else will prioritize them. Safe and affordable daycare, top-notch schools, good jobs with equal pay – all are critical to keeping families strong.

We need even more women candidates, but they won’t run unless their families are secure.

– The Honorable Barbara B. Kennelly

How have Trump’s attacks on media impacted consumer trust in mainstream news?

President Trump’s continued attacks on media have recently driven many news organizations to take action to protect their reputation. But how have these attacks influenced consumers’ trust and perception of mainstream news? And should companies and brands adjust their earned media strategies accordingly?

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