The Washington DC 100: Farmland policy will determine fate of family farms

America’s farmers are aging. For every farmer under 35, there are six over 65. Millions of acres need new farmers. Yet farmland is too expensive for young farmers. It’s why they can’t get started. It’s why they quit.

Changing course requires action: farmers should skip capital gains when selling to another farmer during life; conserved farmland must remain affordable to farmers; tax credits are needed to encourage farmers to rent or sell to beginners.

Without policy, land won’t go to young farmers. It will be developed, consolidated or sold to non-farmers. And family farming will never be the same.

– Lindsey Lusher Shute, Executive Director and Co-founder, National Young Farmers Coalition

The Washington DC 100: The Making of ‘Constitutional’

When I set out to do a podcast about the Constitution, I struggled at first to figure out how to bring such a complex document into an accessible audio form – one that would animate people across age groups and backgrounds to engage with the laws and governing principles that shape their lives in this country.

Ultimately, I found that the best way to do that was to tell the Constitution’s human stories. Of course there are the framers who drafted it over a hot summer in Philadelphia in 1787. But, there are thousands of others who are just as integral.

Even as important and inspiring are the abolitionists and suffragists, the prisoners and the Supreme Court justices – all those who over time have ushered in evolutions in Americans’ rights, whether through new constitutional amendments or reinterpretations of its original principles.

The framers designed the Constitution to be elastic, so ultimately I found that “bringing it to life today” was just a matter of showing how alive the document has been throughout the nation’s history.

– Lillian Cunningham, Creator and Host, “Constitutional” Podcast

Lillian Cunningham is the creator and host of ‘Constitutional.’ She was previously a feature writer for and editor of The Washington Post’s Emmy-winning section, On Leadership.

5th Annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards

Washingtonian and Story Partners kicked off the White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend by honoring influential women in journalism at the fifth annual Washington Women in Journalism Awards on April 26th.

Co-hosted by Gloria Story Dittus, chairman of public affairs firm Story Partners, and Cathy Merrill Williams, publisher of Washingtonian, the awards reception gathered a few hundred Washington influencers and media at Gloria’s home in Kalorama to celebrate four award winners who embody excellence in reporting and play a vital role in covering the most important issues of the day, especially in today’s media landscape.  

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2017 Washington Women in Journalism Awards

Washingtonian and Story Partners are excited to announce the 2017 Washington Women in Journalism Awards, which will be presented at the Salute to Women in Journalism on Thursday, April 27 at a reception hosted by Gloria Story Dittus and Cathy Merrill Williams.

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