The Nationwide Shift to Clean Energy

Protecting the environment is a priority for most Americans. There is a debate among lawmakers and the public over how to best protect our natural resources, but most Americans agree that action is necessary.

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Taking Action Against the Effects of Climate Change

Americans believe climate change is real, and it is time to start transitioning to clean energy and focusing more on policy initiatives that will deal with this issue.

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LPPC Calls for Federal Action on Infrastructure, Grid Modernization & Carbon Reduction

At the Large Public Power Council (LPPC), our members are consumer-driven utilities, committed to reliability, affordability, environmental stewardship and economic development. Their commitment to their customers, communities and the environment has seen our members take proactive steps to improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions and shift towards a cleaner energy future. Read more

Leveling the Playing Field in a Cleaner and Greener Economy

The energy industry is the third-largest industry in the U.S. and is projected to continue to grow. An estimated 60 percent of energy sector job growth will occur in skilled and technical jobs, and many of these jobs will occur in the clean energy sector. Of the entire energy sector, energy efficiency jobs are the fastest-growing, adding 133,000 new jobs in 2017. Read more

Federal Climate Change Policy is Needed Now and Must Leverage the Private Sector

For years, the rapid growth we have seen in energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy drove down U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (now 10% below 2005 levels) while the economy grew. That’s why it was frustrating to see energy productivity (the ratio of U.S. GDP to energy consumed) stagnate and 2018 economy-wide U.S. greenhouse gas emissions increase by over 2 percent from the previous year. Read more