How CBC Week Helps Build a Stronger America

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference (CBCF) kicks off in Washington this week. The five-day event brings together many of the nation’s leading elected officials, industry leaders, subject matter experts, students and concerned citizens to advance CBCF’s goal of building a world in which all communities have an equal voice in public policy and beyond.
During the annual policy conference, stakeholders, who all have an essential role in creating and fostering an inclusive community and workforce, are provided an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue on the issues and policies of importance to Black communities across the U.S.

As we approach the general elections, the theme of this year’s ALC, “Advancing Our Purpose. Elevating Our Power.,” is especially timely. With over 100 in-person issue forums and established brain trusts, dozens of critical and timely issues will be addressed on issues ranging from investing in education and workforce training to prepare the next generation of Black leaders, to addressing the state of mental health for Black Americans to examining policies that address economic, food and social equity gaps in Black communities.

“The ALC serves as an opportunity for CBC members to connect with current and future leaders of our nation,” said CBCF Board Chair Rep. Terri Sewell. “Through the unique perspectives of thought leaders, community organizers, activists, and others, we will generate the momentum necessary to propel the Black community to new heights.”

CBC Chairwoman, Rep. Joyce Beatty commented on the opportunities that the ALC provides engaged citizens and leaders throughout the country. “Through the ALC, CBCF has afforded activists and community leaders the opportunity to network and collaborate with our nation’s elected leaders to forge pathways that seek to resolve racial disparities. For decades, the ALC has served as the cornerstone for participants, fostered critical discourse, educated the public, and has served as a launching pad for mobilizing communities. This mission continues, as we reconvene rejuvenated and ready to advance the needs of the global Black community.”

Many companies participate in the ALC as strategic partners and sponsors of events, including Amazon, Aflac, Southern Company, Microsoft and Delta. These partnerships provide a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue about the most pressing issues facing the Black community and to foster change. It’s important for companies of all sizes to be involved, not only to serve their customers and employees better, but to strengthen Black communities and the nation as a whole.