Infrastructure Investments Keep Americans Safe

Our economic success, nation’s security and population’s safety depend on a strong infrastructure network. As our infrastructure ages without proper investments on the federal, state and local level, the condition of our roads, bridges, highways, and more, will continue to decline. Modern infrastructure that supports the latest road safety standards and technology is critical to continue to keep our economy strong and Americans safe.

There’s widespread support for infrastructure investments among the American public. A recent Pew Research Center poll conducted in April 2019 found that 62% of Americans support more government spending for rebuilding the nation’s highways, bridges and roads.

The majority of government leaders also support modernizing our nation’s infrastructure. Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle express support for passing long-term funding for transportation and infrastructure, although there are differences on how to fund it. Within the halls of Congress, there are many discussions that take place on the topic, including through hearings hosted by the House and Senate committees on transportation. More so, the President frequently discusses the need to modernize our infrastructure to build a stronger America.

Last month, the President and congressional democratic leaders began discussions on infrastructure, but those talks quickly came to an end. Gridlock in Washington is resulting in gridlock on our roads in cities and states across the country. There are some great proposals to fund these investments. Our nation’s leaders must put politics aside to find common ground and pass a long-term comprehensive infrastructure package.

Safety on our roads should be prioritized: investments in infrastructure that support the latest technology help keep Americans safe.

-Gloria Story Dittus, Chairman, Story Partners