Not Your Parents’ Party: How Gens X, Y, and Z Will Shake Up Our Politics

Two prominent pollsters based in Washington, D.C., Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson and Democratic pollster Margie Omero, spoke with Mike Allen, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Axios, during a session titled, “Not Your Parents’ Party: How Gens X, Y, and Z Will Shake Up Our Politics.”

During the session, Anderson and Omero shared their perspective on how young people are changing our elections and will shape our government in the years to come.

Key takeaways include:

  • The young vote matters. Gen Z, Gen X and Millennials cast over 62 million votes in total in the midterm elections, while baby boomers and generations above baby boomers represent 60 million votes. Of the millennials who are registered to vote, 42% cast a vote in the midterm election, a dramatic increase from prior years, which shows that young voters are active and making their voices heard in elections.
  • Young people are changing the political dynamic. The rise in young activists following the tragic Parkland school shooting forced lawmakers and political leaders to listen to young people in a way that was not done before. Through their activism, young people brought the gun debate to the spotlight. This is one example of the ability young people have to mobilize and make their voices heard in a new way.
  • The political consequences that today’s environment will have on younger generations will be seen as they grow up and become voters. The political events that a young person witnesses as a teenager or young adult shapes their view of politics and the world. Examples discussed during the panel include the potential impact that active shooter drills in schools will have on younger generations, especially middle school children. Another example cited was today’s polarized political climate and the impact it will have on younger generations who grew up in a time when compromise was not seen. The political affects will be seen in the years in the come.

 To watch the full panel, click here.