Taking Action Against the Effects of Climate Change

Americans believe climate change is real, and it is time to start transitioning to clean energy and focusing more on policy initiatives that will deal with this issue.

I know first-hand that Congress needs to start doing more—I come from a coastal district that is impacted by these extreme weather events ever more frequently. Since taking office in 2017, I have remained focused on fighting against the effects of climate change and the speedy transition to cleaner energy.

I have sponsored and cosponsored legislation that will reduce our carbon footprint, such as H.R. 4058, the “SWAP Act,” which will impose a tax on greenhouse gas emissions in exchange for a reduction in the rate of payroll taxes for employees and employers. Most notably, I am the only Republican who has cosponsored the “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act,” which puts a price on the production of carbon. In addition, I have cosponsored H.R. 3966, the “Raise Wages, Cut Carbon Act,” which will reduce the reliance of the U.S. economy on carbon-based energy. Finally, I authored a bipartisan letter to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler urging him to abandon the EPA’s efforts in weakening the rules and regulations regarding methane, which poses significant threats to the environment and public health.

These actions will aid in our transition to clean energy and assist in our fight against the effects of climate change. I will keep fighting for bipartisan solutions to our energy and environmental needs.

Congressman Francis Rooney, the Republican co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus

Rep. Francis Rooney represents Florida’s 19th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.