Trudi Boyd

Executive Vice President

Client service? More like unrelenting ally.

Trudi is the person clients want managing their campaigns, especially when it’s a tough fight or complex issue. It’s not just because she has deep experience in everything from advocacy to grassroots strategy, or that she guides every aspect of multi-tier, multi-year efforts without blinking an eye.

It’s her amazing attitude that makes what Trudi does so much more than “client service.” When she’s in, she’s all in. Your cause is her cause célèbre. No wonder she has so many award-winning Public Affairs campaigns to her credit, and so many client fans. A 25+ year communications veteran, Trudi has held leadership positions at Allison+Partners, FTI Consulting and Dittus Communications. Her contributions were recognized with a 2015 Top Women in PR Award from PRNews. She began her career as a journalist and served as a congressional chief of staff and communications director.