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Economic Recovery Relies on New Opportunities and Vaccine Distribution

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our lives and economy. As a result of disruptions that businesses have faced during the pandemic, we have seen record-high unemployment and permanent business closures. Until the coronavirus is under control and we can return to our normal lives before the pandemic, the impact on our economy and […]

Issues that Shaped our Year and our Country’s Future

Throughout the year, we have faced some of the biggest challenges since our nation’s founding. The COVID-19 pandemic and the significance of the disruptions resulting from the pandemic, as well as the rise in political and social tensions, have shaped our year and will continue to impact our country’s future. As we look ahead to […]

Innovation is the Key to Sustainable Food Production

Food security is once again in the spotlight. With a rise in conflict, displacement, climate disasters, and a global pandemic that has spread across the world, hunger is on the rise again after years of progress in the global fight. Our food production has also been challenged. Farmers and ranchers continue to face difficulties resulting […]

My Election Thoughts

It was a long night and an early morning, but in the clear light of day, even after promised legal challenges, I still think Biden wins. The Biden strategy was to re-build the Blue Wall in the Upper Midwest — brick by brick, county by county — and to break the Southern Red Wall by growing voters […]

Journalism on the Frontline

Not since the Civil War, have American journalists had to report steadily from the frontline here at home for an extended period of time. And, their reporting today has meant more to American families and communities around the country than ever before.  Reporting facts and sharing information that Americans can use to navigate the treacherous waters surrounding the coronavirus pandemic is critical to every American household and business.