The Debate on Internet Regulations

The debate over internet regulations and protecting online users has been a growing concern among policymakers and regulators, especially today, when so much of our lives are digital.

As tech giants have continued to grow in influence and power, conversations have centered around the need to update internet regulations that are adapted to the modern-day internet. There have been debates in Congress over if and how to regulate Big Tech through hearings and legislative proposals.

The issue of regulating the internet has become a high priority for Members of Congress and the Administration. Whether it’s the threat of interference in our elections, the spread of vaccine disinformation on social platforms, or the fear of censorship, the debate over the future of the internet has far reaching implications on fundamental issues like free speech. There has been robust debate about the need for reform of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, specifically when it comes to whether there should be liability for content posted on online platforms.

The issue of data collection and use and users’ privacy has also risen to the forefront of the debate. As cyber-attacks and data privacy hacks have continued to rise in recent years, Congress and the states have debated how to protect consumers’ privacy most effectively. While awaiting federal action, a growing number of states have sought to legislate on this issue.

This month’s edition of Inside Story will explore some of these specific policy efforts on the federal and state level and examine the current debate on internet regulations.

Gloria Story Dittus, Chairman, Story Partners